Application for hi29

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Application for hi29

Post  hi29 on Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:22 am

Player Name: hi29

Coordinates (for each village you own): 11, -2 and 18, 0

Normal Activity per day: I go on like 10 times a day

Tribe: Gaul

Troop count: Around 500 swordsmen and like 200 Theatues Thunders and close of researching catapults

Current Population: 335

Days since you started the account: Since the day the server started

Past Travian Experience (if any): I have played on 4 other servers and finished in the top 2000 in 3 of them

Are you regularly attacked or farmed? Not really I got attacked from this guy like 4 or 5 times but it's no big deal

Before this, were you in any other alliances? If so why did you leave? I was in one other alliance and I was in it for a long time but then it got bad so I left.

Why do you want to join this alliance? Because I think this alliance would be a good alliance for me because you have people near me and second we can finish well at the end of the game.

What can you offer this alliance? I can be a recruiter so if anyone who wants to join can message me.

What is your resource production per hour? 1st village 500 of each and 2nd village

Do you actively raid? Approximately how many different people do you attack daily?
No I don't raid that much, but when I get catas I will.

How close are you to your next village? 1, 2 or 3 weeks around there.

Do you use gold? If so, how heavily (a little, some, a lot, gold flows like water)? no I don't use gold

Do you have a sitter and are you sitting for anyone? No I have been not sitting for anyone and no one is sitting for me.

Do you have any family/friends in this alliance? No

Any extra qualities about yourself that you think may help you get in? I know a lot about sports so if anyone else likes sports I can talk to them about sports.

As a member, do you agree to abide by the rules throughout all of this alliance? Of course ('Very Happy')


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